IES Huelin






Huelin is a crowded neighbourhood in Málaga. Historically, it has been a low class area, created during XIX century to lodge the iron factories workers raised close to the beach. There were also a number of fishermen around there. Nowadays, it includes a wide variety of population, from different economic and social backgrounds, and a high presence of immigrants who came from Morocco, Armenia, South America, East Europe countries,…

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IES Huelin, founded in 1982, is the only public high school in the area, so it receives a large amount of students – around one thousand each year. Here, they study during the four compulsory grades of ESO, and then they can choose between three branches of Bachillerato: Science and Technology, Social Science, and Humanities. Around 65 teachers provide the students the skills and knowledge to success and get their academical goals.

Also, there is specific staff to pay attention to students with special needs or who come from foreign countries and don´t speak Spanish.

Globally, IES Huelin is well known for the acedmic achievements of their students, the extracurricular activities developed by their teachers and the close relation with the proximity. The school carries with pride the name of their neighbourhood.



We are thirteen teachers from different fields such as Spanish or English, maths, history, computing, technology, art… full of enthusiasm and eager to work against discrimination.

Our school has nearly 1,000 students from all sorts of backgrounds. Overall, our working environment is very good, but we think we can always make things better!