GRITFIS “DIVIDED WE FALL, TOGETHER WE STAND. IMPROVING STRATEGIES IN EUROPEAN SCHOOLS AND TEACHER TRAINING CENTRES TO PREVENT BULLYING AND DISCRIMINATION ACROSS EUROPE” is the name of the project wich main aim is the prevention of bullying and ethnic, religious and economical related exclusion in the field of education in Europe. The applying organisation is Centro del profesorado de Málaga (Andalusia, Spain). The other organisations are also in Spain. as well as in Greece, Italy and Finland.

The direct number of participants is 70, being the estimated indirect participants 3500. The direct participants fall under two basic categories: in-service teacher training consultants and teachers. COnsidering the magnitude of the project, highly-qualified professionals are involved in the diffenrent aspects of management, from financing and ICT to material resources, event organisation, impact assesment and diffusion of information and products.

The project is designed as a biannual event comprising four transnational meetings where the agenda is centered on the monitoring and assessment of the project itselfin accordance to the devised chrnological development. Four mobilities are planned as well in orden to share, at first stage, good practice in teacher training and, subsequently, good practice at schools for the prevention and adrdreing of bullying and exclusion.

For the exchange of good practice in teacher training the role of Europass, the italian organisation is invaluable given its experience in teacher-training subjects such as burnt-out prevention, emotional intelligence, effective management of information inside and outside the classroom, motivation and teamwork, all of the instruments the contribute to prevention of bullying and exclusion. The spanish In-teacher training centre, Centro de Profesorado de Málaga provides, on its side, experience in the implementation of good teaching practise in a school context (work groups and and on-site training) These two organisations combine their work-force in order to provide traning tools to the participant teachers, regarding either generic or more specific aspects that will be tranferred to the different schools.

As for the exchange of good teaching practise, each contry and school facilitates access to teachers and consultants to the most succesful and relevant experiences (language adquisition for immigrants and minorities, mediation programs, cyber-bullying prevention, recogniced coexistence programs, bullying prevention through KIVA and Arvokas lessons, etchnic and religious minorities integration and immigrant support through welcome classrooms and the applying of mindfulness as well as the PROA accompaniment programs.

Relevant good practise is going to be implemented at schools, where an assessment of their impact will be carried out, collecting data and information before, during and after the realization of the mentioned practice.

Training experiencies are linked to multiplying events for teachers, students and their families; the purpose and activities of the Erasmus+ funded project will be disseminated and opportunities are being created for the sharing of testimony by victims, Law Enforcement institutions, NGOs and other education professionals involved in this labour. As part of these events, activities are being organized where teachers and families are also able to share either personally or on-line. At the same time, students particicipate through skill-based activities that target art, language competency and bullying and exclusion prevention.

To assess the project a quality-and quantity-based system of values, publicly available is being utilized.

All prodcuts are going to be published under the Creative Commons License.